(Top Brain Herbal Nutritional Support for Children)

Made for students and people into research , studies looking for higher concentration, focus and energy

In this academic competitive environment , finding the right memory and energy booster is very challenging . For growing children and people into research ,studies and persons with memory weakness this product provides the right blend of herbal nutritional support for higher concentration, focus and energy . People try pills, alternate products and other advices, most of which are with risks and other health complications. The market is flooded with many fake products which do more harm than good. For students and aged people with cases of dementia and mental fatigue , Omkara Pure brings the rich blend of exotic herbs into their product Bestie JUNIOR BCAA+.

This product is researched by a team of reputed Ayurvedic doctors of national eminence with philanthropic zeal for providing good health to all . Next time you pop in any pill or food supplements - Try this instead – take twice a day one dose ( 5 g) of Bestie JUNIOR BCAA+ . This is recommended as a daily nutritional support for memory and energy .

Boost Memory and Intelligence
Enhances Brain Function
Fights Anxiety and Depression
Stimulates Physical growth and Strength
Increases Immunity Level

Why try Bestie JUNIOR BCAA+?

This product is a Signature Omkara Pure Blend , rich with vital nutrients and infused with naturally endowed Branch Chained Amino Acids (BCAA) to stimulate protein synthesis.

• Less Sugar
• Herbal Stimulants
• High Energy
• Amino Acids
• High Vitamin C & Calcium